The Advantages of Cloud VDI

VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is the special kind of technology that helps in hosting the desktop environments on a server that is centralized and on the cloud. These special virtual machines are deployed after that to the end-users as and mainly when they ask them.

In turn, the users can easily access all these virtual machines in a remote way. The Virtual desktops which are being hosted on those virtual machines are easily managed and also controlled through the management software.


About cloud VDI

The flexible nature of this special type of technology is one of the very important reasons why it has been growing tremendously nowadays. Further, in addition to this, cloud technology can easily enhance the functionality of VDI while offering some really robust solutions. One of those special solutions is cloud VDI.

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The technology known as VDI is deployed on the servers that are also popular as cloud VDI. It is able to offer centralized managed servers that will allow you to easily access important data at any time and from anywhere. In addition to this special feature, there are some more important benefits of the cloud VDI.

Easier to manage

In VDI, any kind of changes that you do to the delivery stack, like patches, updates, or maybe some new applications, need to be performed centrally. The effect is actually passed on to all the VMs of yours due to the centralized management. There is no need to upgrade each of the physical devices in VDI.

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Cost-efficient option

When choosing VDI, you are actually utilizing both the storage and the capacity of the data center instead of those individual devices. Through this, you can be able to extend the durability of your old and obsolete IT hardware and also can avoid the troubles of constant upgrades in the most cost-efficient way.

Offers instant backup

In VDI, the enterprise data is easily converged at any single data center. In order to protect this data, continuous backups of this data are needed to maintain at the locations that are physically dispersed. If there is any contingency, the important data can be immediately restored due to a backup mechanism that is very robust.

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Centrality of data

In this case, all of your enterprise data is centrally stored over the data center in the place of the employee devices. This can easily improve both the security and privacy of the data. Even if a single device is lost or cannot function properly, you don’t have to risk losing any crucial data in the entire process.

Faster On-boarding

With the help of VDI, the process of onboarding new staff is an easy task. Even if the employees are in another city or state, access to enterprise data can be granted instantly. This can help you in improving the efficiency and agility of your organization.

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More secure way

As the data is centralized in VDI, the process gets much easier for you while you are implementing the grade security protocols of the enterprise. These will include but will not limit to the terms like user authentication, intrusion detection and prevention, encryption, malware, and also ransomware protection.

Therefore, there are various types of advantages of cloud VDI, through which you can run your organization in a much smoother and easier way.


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