Ins and Outs of Direct Hire Staffing

Finding the right employees is a task that a lot of companies and business owners struggle with – it gets worse if you’re in a competitive industry. So if you understand that your best chances of hiring rest with establishing partnerships with direct placement recruiting companies, then you’d have solved half your problems.

In this article, you’ll learn more about direct-hire staffing and what it can do for your business.


What’s Direct Hire Staffing?

Direct hire staffing, also known as direct/permanent placement or headhunting is a recruitment model companies use to fill permanent/long-term positions with benefits. In many cases, it’s done directly by the company, but there are some cases when a company may prefer to use an agency.

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When using an agency to fill a permanent position, the common term used for such hiring would be direct placement hiring. The agency is only responsible for the front-end recruitment tasks such as sourcing and reviewing resumes. The company takes over at the candidate selection stage and conducts interviews to help with the final selection. After this, the selected candidates are only supposed to report to the company, never the staffing agency.

Should you decide to team up with a direct-hire placement agency, it’s always a good idea to get an award-winning direct-hire staffing agency like Kinetix for high-quality candidates.


The Direct Placement Hiring Process

When using an employment agency for the recruitment process, you should expect the following to take place:

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  • Posting Open Direct Hire Opportunities

First things first – you need to get the word out. The good thing with direct hire employment opportunities is that they attract a wider range of candidates, and therefore many qualified candidates.

Allowing an employment agency to handle this step for you has lots of benefits such as access to a wider pool of potential employees, and a higher possibility of finding candidates who align with your requirements.

  • Vetting and Interviewing Candidates

The staffing agency handles the most tedious and time-consuming recruiting tasks, including reviewing resumes and screening candidates. Only after identifying the candidates who are a great fit for your company culture will they send them to you for a final review and interview.

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As the employer, you can choose to pass over the candidates who are obviously not a good pick for your company and only call the best for a physical interview.


When Is Direct Placement Ideal?

You can choose direct placement hiring if:


1. You Want to Fill Managerial or Executive Positions

These two roles are central to any company, thus they typically require permanent dedication. When looking for someone to fill any of the two roles, direct placement hiring would be a great choice.


2. There’s an Economic Downturn

When there’s a recession, candidates will only be willing to give up their current positions if they are offered a direct hire opportunity. In many cases, candidates who are confident enough to seek such positions are remarkable enough and bring with them great achievements.

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3. You’re Facing a Tough Job Market

Going for direct placement in a tight job market is a wise choice since most of the candidates in such markets are seeking long-term positions. With an employment agency, you don’t have to face the headaches of sourcing and interviewing candidates.


4. You Want to Streamline Recruitment

The recruitment process can be rather arduous and less forgiving when it comes to resource usage. Rather than using up a lot of time and effort – that could be more helpful when channeled differently – you can leave the most hectic part of recruitment to an agency and only focus on finalizing the exercise.

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Summing It All Up,

Now you know what direct hire staffing is and with the information in this article, you can decide whether it’s appropriate for your company or not – in most cases, it is.

If you choose this model, one thing you can be sure of is that teaming up with a top-rated direct-hire staffing agency like Kinetix will make the process less strenuous for you.



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