A short tour of magnetic car signs- what are they, how to make 

Vehicle wraps come in the form of wraps, stickers, and signs, and magnetic car signs. They are a very popular marketing and advertising tool for small and medium-scale businesses. You make most of these wraps from large, printed vinyl material, which you apply to the vehicle surface.

However, it could be a little complicated to design these effective adverts. The first step is to gather information.

  • Before starting to even design anything, get an accurate template for your car signs. It’s essential to create the designs on a proper template file to make it print-ready.
  • Vehicle wrap/sticker files can be complex and large, and some car wrap printers can charge you up to $70-$75 per hour.
  • After gathering inspiration, you can create the design. You create the mockups that allow recreation and application to the templates. The next step is to apply the concerned design to your template.
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Making the magnetic signs

Magnetic car signs are a cost-effective alternative to vehicle lettering. Since they are easily installable and removable, the car wraps are extremely popular for small businesses. Magnetic signs have emerged as the staple of modern-day contractors. They provide two crucial success ingredients, high readability rate and low starting cost.

  • Concisely, magnetic signs on both sides of your vehicle, as well as its tailgate or back doors, entail your company name, phone numbers, website, and a short list of your products and services.
  • There are premier companies that offer car magnets in a variety of sizes that cater to any car, van, truck, or SUV. You usually order magnetic signs in pairs, helping you display them on both sides of the vehicle.
  • Generally, the bodies of high-end cars and advanced sports cars can be a little problematic when you install magnetic signs on them.
  • However, the vast majority of cars plying of road have ferrous metal doors that anchor the magnets with great hold and reliability.
  • The signs comprise very strong and flexible material. They are flat enough, complying with the ferrous metal bodies. The plastic badges, moldings, and other inconsistencies will not be able to interrupt them.
  • The 30 mil magnetic sheets are one of the most premium materials for making the car signs.
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Paper and substrate types

In technical parlance, magnetic car signs are plain vinyl graphics. You use your vinyl cutter before applying them to a flexible and magnetized substrate. The two prominent varieties are magnetized paper and magnetized vinyl.

In terms of surfaces, you need to remember that not every metallic surface will comply with the signage material. Magnetic can never to stick or adhere to non-ferrous alloys and metals. Stainless steel and aluminum are big examples. These surfaces appear to hold magnets, but they don’t actually.

When it comes to tools and supplies to make magnetic car signs, you only need a corner rounder, safety rulers, and a heavy-duty knife. Start with a 24 inches magnetic vinyl roll and cut it to the appropriate size with an Olfa knife or dedicated ruler. The next step involves the application of vinyl graphics and rounding up the corners with a proper finish.

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