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10 Amazing Things About Honor Earbuds 2 Lite

For all things Honor, look no further than this concise overview of the 2 Lite. From its ergonomic design to its 24-hour battery life, these earbuds pack a punch that is truly unmatched.


1) Long Battery Life – Get up to 24 hours of listening time on a single charge and 150 hours on standby mode with these earbuds. What’s more, you can charge them in just 15 minutes for a full hour of playtime!


2) Customizable Level Control – Control your audio volume on the go with easy-to-use touch controls for easy customization.


3) Noise Cancellation – Enjoy crisp, clear audio with digital noise cancellation. That means you can concentrate on your music or podcast to the fullest in even the noisiest environments.

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4) Ergonomic Design – An ergonomic design ensures the earbuds fit comfortably and securely in the ears, while rotating ear tips offer a perfect seal and optimal sound quality.


5) 24-hour Voice Assist – Want to get answers to all of your questions? You can with 24-hour voice assist, which you can use for everything from setting calendar reminders to getting directions.


6) Ambient Noise – Even with 24-hour voice assist, you may sometimes want to hear what’s going on around you. This feature gives you the option of hearing what’s going on around you while listening to music or podcasts.

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7) Secure Fit – Whether it’s jogging or working out at the gym, these earbuds will not budge thanks to a secure fit in your ears.


8) Sweat Resistant – Does your workout include some perspiration? No problem! These earbuds are sweat-resistant, which makes them great for tough workouts.


9) No Slip Advantage- The earbuds are equipped with Silicon StayHear tips that help them grip the ear canal, so they won’t budge even during the most rigorous workouts.


10) Interchangeable Covers – The earbuds come with a variety of covers in different colors to match your style, including black, blue, orange and red. So you can choose the covers that best fit your personal style.

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11) Ambient Sound Mode – If you’re concerned about battery life, you don’t need to worry about how long your earbuds last since these are equipped with an ambient sound mode. This feature makes the audio louder, but still keeps it from disturbing others in a quiet environment.


12) Waterproof – Don’t let sweat or rain get in the way of your workout. These earbuds are IPX5-certified and waterproof up to 30 minutes in shallow water.


13) Included Accessories – The earbuds 2 lite come with four different size tips and six different color covers for a secure fit that won’t come off easily when working out or walking around busy city streets.

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14) Replaceable Battery – To ensure your earbuds are always ready to go, they are equipped with a replaceable battery.


15) Voice Assist and Noise Cancellation Controllers – The earbuds 2 lite are equipped with a built-in voice assistant, so you can start or halt music, dial your phone and get directions with just one touch. This feature also works to block out ambient sounds from surrounding traffic or loud neighbors by muting the microphone to listen to your music at lower volume levels.


16) Volume Control – Another touch control for easy customization is volume control. Just slide the up and down arrows on the right earbud to adjust the volume level of your audio.

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17) Earphone Hooks – The earphones also come with in-line hooks that make it convenient to carry them around while on-the-go.


18) Click-to-Connect (C2C) – Want to connect to your smartphone or tablet? The earphones feature a click-to-connect system that saves you the hassle of searching for a proper connection. Simply press the button on your earbuds, and they will automatically connect with your device.


19) Charging Station – You can charge these earbuds 2 lite , which come with a USB charging cable, directly onto any USB charger for fast and convenient charging at home or on the go.


20) Colorful LED Light – For notifications, you can add notification lights that are easily visible even in low light without disturbing others who are listening to your music.

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For all things Honor, look no further than this concise overview of the 2 Lite. From its ergonomic design to its 24-hour battery life, these earbuds pack a punch that is truly unmatched.




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