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Should Skilled Gamblers Ever Consider Playing Slot Machines?

Many people don’t know this but skilled gamblers should never play slot machines. So why do they? Skilled gamblers are well versed in the mathematics of probability and statistics which means they are quite aware that playing a slot machine is far from gambling. A skilled gambler will spend hours, if not days perfecting their skill-set to beat slots and then walk into a casino and stand at a slot machine for 5 minutes, waiting for the big payoff. Alsom if you are loving this article, you can find more at BCI. They are also well acquainted with the pitfalls of getting greedy too soon which is what most people do when playing for a few minutes on slots machines. Here are some reasons why skilled gamblers should consider playing slot machines:

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  1. Skilled gamblers are aware that they are not gambling so are at a disadvantage when it comes to following basic slot machine strategies. For example, their knowledge of statistics means they know that the payout rate is extremely low on many machines and they would have to play them hundreds of times per hour to beat them. They know this because they have studied probability and statistics but most people don’t so they end up playing slots machines more than once per hour whereas a skilled gambler would spend less than 8 minutes on the machine (this figure is correct by the way). This means that skilled gamblers can afford to take longer breaks on slot machines than most other people who are playing for a few minutes or less.
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  1. A skilled gambler will always play the maximum bet on a machine. Most people walk into a casino and play 5 or 10 cent slot machines because they are thinking that they’re gambling so if they win some money it will be more than what they have put into the machine but this isn’t correct in any way. If you’re playing a slot machine with a progressive jackpot then the house edge is only 0.1% which means you have to play the maximum bet in order to even have a chance of winning. If you play on the max bet then you have a 100% chance of winning.
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  1. A skilled gambler has a better chance at winning when playing slots machines than most people do because they are aware that their winnings are coming from just pure luck rather than skill and this means that skilled gamblers don’t get ‘gambled out’ so to speak. If someone is gambling with the house then they are only playing for money and therefore shouldn’t make any mistakes. Skilled gamblers on the other hand will never gamble with the house because they know where the real money is coming from and that it will never come from them.



If you’re a skilled gambler then you should never play slots machines. If you’re a regular gambler then the decision is up to you. Fact is the house edge on slot machines is so small that if they were money printers then they would be bankrupt in no time at all. In fact, there are many companies out there which take money from slot players and keep it for themselves as profit but these companies don’t even pay out most of the money that they take in because they are not allowed to do so.

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