What are the most popular online slot games?

There will always be those online slot games that stand above the crowd and remain the most popular casino games from reputable slot game providers for a long time. Whilst some get released, have some short-lived fame, and eventually sink into the abyssal graveyard of slot games, other online video slots rise to the top and become world-famous.

Considering that, at the bare bones, online slot games are all fairly similar in their playstyle and gameplay, it is hard to figure exactly what happens to certain games to ensure that they become the most popular.

We are here to uncover what it is about online slot games that can make them become so popular, and what a game needs to avoid to ensure that it does not happen to them!

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What makes an online slot game one of the most popular?

If you are a hardened online slot-playing veteran, then you will know that there are so many nuances to a slot game that make it worthy of popularity.

Whether it be the interesting themes that successfully encapsulate a franchise or topic, smooth aesthetics that keep the online slot game running smoothly, or the payout rates that will keep any keen igamer interested, there are so many aspects to slots that must be made right in order for it to become one of the most popular!

Here are just a few of the key features that an online slot game tends to adhere to that makes it one of the world’s most popular:

  •         Accessibility – The very nature of online slots over physical slot machines is that they can be accessed by pretty much anyone from all over the globe. This means that if a game wants to become one of the most popular then it has to be readable by many different demographics of players.
  •         Enticing rewards – Of course, the jackpots, bonuses, and rewards all need to be good enough to keep igamers hooked whilst not too good that it will bankrupt the game itself! Finding that balance is why players come back again and again!
  •         Playability – We have all tried our hands at some slots that just flop. Ultimately, if an online slot game is really good because of its smooth features and fun elements then it will rise to the top and become one of the most popular.
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So, what are the most popular online slot games?

The moment you have all been waiting for, our top five list of the most popular online slot games! Maybe you have heard of a couple of these before, if not then this is a ripe opportunity for you to try out, and hopefully win on, some of the world’s most famous and popular online slot games!

  1.       Mega Moolah
  2.       Circus of Cash
  3.       Vikings go Beserk
  4.       Rainbow Riches
  5.       Starburst

Some of these, like Starburst and Rainbow Riches slot, have been the most popular on the scene for a while, but the newer games that you might not recognise have recently been made and have certainly surprised the world!

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