How To Earn a Lot of Gold in World of Warcraft?

If you’re reading this, chances are you like playing Warcraft! Agree, gold in such a game, though not the most important currency, because you can’t buy the best equipment and weapons for it, but nevertheless gold in large quantities may be required for consumables for dungeons and raids, pumping craft professions, as well as for the purchase of a token. Therefore, it is important to have gold. Let’s see how to earn gold in World of Warcraft.

Earning on daily tasks

The most obvious and popular way is to earn money on daily tasks. In each version of the game, with the exception of WOW Classic, there are daily tasks. Each of these tasks becomes available to the player once a day, so you can earn gold on them for quite a long time. Characters who give out such tasks are marked with a blue exclamation mark, depending on the complexity of a particular quest, the reward may vary dramatically.

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Buying Gold

Another useful way to get gold and other nice things to play World of Warcraft is to turn to professional development and coaching Services. Professional development and coaching services. Wow carry gives you the opportunity to receive an unlimited amount of gold for your money. Fast and efficient!

Earnings in extractive professions

Earning in extractive professions is also quite popular. Players often decide to take two mining professions for high earnings of gold (for example, skinning and mining). Although such a choice has an obvious drawback in the form of the inability to make unique equipment that is not available for obtaining by other means, the two mining professions have a number of advantages.

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For example, mining professions are pumped very quickly and cheaply, because they do not need to spend rare resources on pumping, as well as study expensive recipes from trainers. It is enough just to engage in gathering and only occasionally visit the coach of the profession.

Resources are always needed. Even if you fail to sell resources through an auction, you can sell them to ordinary merchants and not lose anything. Also, when opening new dungeons and raids, “craft” items of equipment usually drop in price greatly, this does not happen with resources for professions.

You can earn immediately after taking a profession, without pumping it even by one, although the earnings will be insignificant.

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Earnings in producing professions

We talked about mining professions, now let’s move on to producing ones. Of course, it is much more difficult to earn money in producing professions than in mining, but this is still one of the possible options. However, for this type of earnings, you need to comply with certain conditions:

The first condition is a fully pumped profession. Items created by low-level recipes are not needed by anyone, and it will not be profitable to sell them. And when selling to a merchant, it will not even be possible to recapture the resources and ingredients spent on creation.

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The second condition is the presence of rare recipes for equipment items. Such recipes fall only in high-level dungeons and raids, so it’s quite difficult to get them! It is important to understand that the rarity of recipes only increases the price for which you can sell the finished item. The more rare recipes you have, and the more of them there are, the higher the earnings will be.

Use the auction

Today we have already touched on the topic of auctions, let’s talk about it. It is important to understand that it is not worth selling all the items received in the game to merchants at once. Often, items from monsters at auction are several orders of magnitude more expensive than they can be sold to a merchant. In order to use the auction, you do not need to have a high level, use it even from the very first levels. Do not worry, because even low-level items will be worth something at auction. Although, as we have already said, it is not worth selling everything at auction, in some cases it will be more profitable to sell the item to merchants, since the auction price for it will be too low.

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You should not try to sell “gray” quality items (with a gray color name) through an auction. Such items are junk, are not needed for professions and are simply useless. Gray items should be immediately carried to merchants

In such a deep and popular world, which you get into thanks to the world of Warcraft, you simply cannot remain without currency. We have introduced you to 5 ways to effectively earn gold in the game World of Warcraft and we hope that we have been useful to you. You can find even more ways or come up with them yourself. The main thing is to play and explore World of Warcraft! Good luck, big earnings and cool games!

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