Why an interactive EPSS is an ideal bet for an advanced user?

If the organization goals are not strong enough it would not be able to meet its goals and enhance revenue. As per recent survey nearly 20 % of the day in the job of an employee is wasted on how to do things effectively.

Since business continues to undergo digital transformation, organizations are adopting software along with technologies at an enhanced pace. The new software has enhanced efficiency and improved the productivity of the workforces. But what would be the case if an employee is not happy with the tools or facing issues in using advanced features of the tool. Such application pain gaining points may have negative impact on the companies.

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To deal with these situations organizations are adopting electronic performance support system that enables a project to be complete faster whereby efficiency and quality of work improves. Performance system presents precise information that is needed to solve a problem at the time of a need. By empowering individuals the goal is to enhance performance by self- resources in the work flow.

An EPSS is also referred to as performance management system. It is used by learning and development teams along with HR teams to provide just in time information to employees with an aim to improve the performance of a user. If there is a performance support module, the top management is able to formulate interactive candidate.

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The benefits of implementing EPSS at your workplace

Below are mentioned some of the benefits of implementing an EPSS in your organization

  • Enhanced digital adoption- a personalized support system enables a team to develop content embedded into their applications. What it means is that the employees or the users are guided via a tool, or providing answers through a tool via an app interface. When it is an internal employee this would mean adoption of enterprise applications. It results in a productive workforce which cashes in on the benefits of a software stack. Such a stance may empower an organization to comply with technology ROI. For a company that is developing their own software and an app, an EPSS allows improving a user experience with recurring and conceptual on boarding process.
  • Conceptual help is provided- with the aid of EPSS tools, it means that a HR team does not need to develop a general form of training sessions or an employee on-boarding process with the aid of a performance support system. Every Individual role caters to the unique questions to their problems relating to their departments.
  • More the number of proficient users- A proficient performance support tool, converts a novice into an advanced user. It would allow an organization to develop personalized content on how each role is using a tool. Ever since the user becomes comfortable in learning advanced features, with the use of applications they would be able to obtain return on investment.
  • Workforce that is self – reliant- with the aid of self performance support system, an employee stresses on the fact they need to find answers on their own. This is going to empower employees to formulate confident team members who would be seeking answers to their own questions.
  • Less dependence on product support- with the concept of self- help an organization would be in a position to deflect the support tickets. This would go on to reduce the burden on the product support team. Such a stance will allow organizations to provide better customer support, where they would be spending a lot of time with each other of the tickets in solving an issue. It would go on to reduce the cost of the support team.
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Among the various forms of performance systems to be implemented Whatflix topples the list. It works out to be a digital platform that is bound to provide considerable support to the employees whose main aim is to improve the on- boarding process. Their aim is to learn about digital adoption and more. The platform is on top of the enterprise software allowing the learning and development teams to develop learning content. It would be at the moment of need like an interactive walkthrough, pop up , FAQ and a lot more.


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