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What Is Rollstock Packaging and How Can It Help Your Business

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, but it can still be difficult to find the right selection for your product. This is especially true if you’re looking for unique options that feature eco-friendly materials while still allowing you to manage your own packaging process. Rollstock offers the best of both worlds by providing a versatile packaging product that you can use in your own facility, on your own terms. It can be used to create a wide breadth of package types, including single-serve packets or pillow pouches, and this packaging can then be used for a variety of different products. If you have your own FFS machinery but you need a supplier to provide beautiful, high-quality packaging materials, rollstock is likely your best option.

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Efficient Packaging Solutions

The only thing more important than versatility is efficiency — and rollstock offers both. In addition to the range of different package types it can be shaped into, it allows you to quickly create beautiful exterior images that will attract any customer’s attention. You may even be able to use rollstock to create a printed stand up pouch that gives your product an attractive appearance on the shelf. It’s not hard to grab a shopper’s attention when your product is presented in beautiful, vibrant packaging.

Rollstock is also great because it allows manufacturers to create countless packages in a short period of time. By using film that’s been professionally printed and laminated, you can continuously replicate your packaging with very little time or effort involved. Simply place the rollstock into your FFS machine and allow it to start production. This makes rollstock, by far, one of the most efficient packaging options on the market — and it’s one of the most affordable, too.

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Superior Product Protection

Efficiency and simplicity aren’t the only benefits that rollstock can offer. When it comes to product protection, it’s a top-ranking option, too. Rollstock can easily be fitted to your FFS machine, which allows it to be securely sealed and prepped for transport. Many other types of packaging leave contents vulnerable to contamination, but the multiple layers of insulation and film that comprise rollstock minimize this risk considerably. The result is a safe and protective packaging solution that effectively preserves the quality of its contents. You can enjoy peace of mind when you package your products with rollstock.

Of course, if protection against contamination is your utmost priority, there are other options that may be more suitable. Mylar packaging, for example, is famously resistant to contamination thanks to its low oxygen transmission rate. You never need to worry about any odorous products emitting their aroma into the surrounding environment — which is great if you happen to sell herb-based products. Similarly, you can rest assured that the contents of a Mylar bag are safely shielded from the penetration of sunlight or moisture, both of which can cause damage. Choosing the right packaging option is simple when there are an array of high-quality options such as Mylar and rollstock available.

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