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What Do You Need to Become a Nutritionist?

We are what we eat. It doesn’t matter whether this resounding affirmation was made by the Greek Hippocrates or the German Ludwig Feuerbach because it is true either way. At last, it seems that society and the health world are beginning to become really aware of the great importance of food in people’s health. For this reason, the number of patients who turn to a professional in the field to solve their problems instead of relying on upstarts without proper training or legal title is gradually increasing.


Another encouraging fact is that it is becoming increasingly common to find nutritionists and dietitians in the world’s healthcare system occupying the position they deserve. Although there is obviously still a long way to go, it is clear that these signs indicate that the nutrition and dietetics sector is opening a gap and is beginning to seriously stand up to be taken into account and claim their work.

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If you like the world of health and you are thinking about where to direct your career, maybe you should think about doing something different like studying to become a nutritionist because not only doctors, nurses, and pharmacists live health sciences. With the help of EssayAssistant, you will write a successful motivation letter and can even get a scholarship. We want to encourage you to make the decision and that is why we leave you a lot of practical information about it to guide you and help you to clear doubts.


What is a nutritionist?


Banish the false idea that a nutritionist is limited to setting diets and helping people to lose weight. The figure of the dietitian-nutritionist does much more than that since he is a health professional trained to improve people’s health through nutrition.

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They will be able, for example, to address chronic diseases to treat or prevent them from the point of view of food because he has the necessary scientific knowledge because he knows perfectly the nutrients in food, as well as how they interact with our body contributing to its proper functioning. They also carry out important preventive work contributing to maintaining the public health of people through a personalized diet adjusted to their pathologies and physiological needs.


What to study to become a nutritionist?


If you want to have your official qualification to practice the profession with all the rights of the law, the right thing to do is to opt for one of the two academic options that will give you the necessary training and knowledge to do so. One of the weak points of this sector against which it has to fight continuously is the professional intrusion that makes, for example, that monitors of gym or employees of the herbalist’s shop advise their clients setting themselves up as nutritionists when in fact they are not.

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  • The most complete option is, without a doubt, to choose the university branch and enroll in the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in some of the many faculties that offer it in our country. To access this university degree, you must at least have passed the baccalaureate in Nature and Health Sciences. During these studies, you will have subjects related, for example, to anatomy, biochemistry, food management, physiopathology, legislation… On the other hand, an even more ambitious idea is to take the Double Degree in Pharmacy + Human Nutrition and Dietetics.


  • If you prefer something faster, you can choose the second option, which consists of studying the Higher Vocational Training Cycle of Higher Technician in Dietetics. Having passed the baccalaureate is also a prerequisite for these two years of studies. If you combine it with work or any other activity and you cannot dedicate all your time to it, you always have the option of preparing yourself by distance or blended learning courses in order to take the official exams on your own.
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What job opportunities does a nutritionist have?


There are many more job opportunities for this profession than you might imagine. As always, specialization is a plus to take into account if you decide to develop your career, for example, in the field of sports, child nutrition, or geriatric nutrition. Depending on the field you want to focus on, you will find different options.


  • If you opt for the world of teaching, you can devote yourself to dissemination by giving courses on food, nutrition, and health in different centers.
  • You can also work as a researcher or focus on the world of catering, working in the organization and coordination of food quality and safety issues.
  • Another career option is to opt for the industrial field, participating in the development or innovation of food products.
  • Obviously, you can always work in the clinical field, working to improve the health of patients and help prevent diseases.
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Is it possible to study nutrition and dietetics at a distance?


As you know, most public universities offer the degree in the classroom mode. However, there are several quality private institutions that offer the possibility of taking distance learning classes.


In general, the option is semi-attendance because the practices of some subjects as well as the professional ones must be done in person. You also have the opportunity to take specialization courses that are taught entirely online.


With blended courses, you have the possibility to combine your studies with other professional activities. When choosing, take into account that the degrees are accredited and are dictated by recognized institutions.

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