What Are the Very Basic Features in the Properties of the Right Angle About Which Everyone Should Know?

In the world of mathematics, the angle has been always formulated with the help of two rays which are also known as the sides of the angle and it will also be based upon a common point which will be known as the vertex of the angle. The intersection of two planes will also help in forming different kinds of angles and the angle will also be perfectly utilised in terms of designating the measure of the angle or the rotation. Depending upon this particular type of rotation different kinds of angles can be perfectly defined in the whole process.


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If the measurement of the angle between any two rays has been done and the angle is exactly equal to 90° it will be known as right angle. Angles which are measuring less than 90° for example 87°, 42°, 55° and several other options will be known as acute angles and all the angles which are measuring more than 90° for example 98°, 105°, 168° and several other kinds of options will be known as obtuse angles. The measure of the right angle can be perfectly written in the form of 90° and it can be described in the form of radians as pi divided by two.

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It is very much important for the kids to be clear about the basic concepts associated with the right angle for example right angle triangle. This will be the triangle in which all three sides including the perpendicular, hypotenuse and the base of the triangle will be there and the angle between all of them will be 90°. This is considered to be one of the most vital shapes in the world of mathematics and this is also forming the very basic foundation of the world of trigonometry in mathematics. The formula which has to be perfectly utilised by the kids in terms of determining if the category of the given triangle has a right angle or not is the Pythagoras formula. This particular formula has been perfectly explained as:

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Hypotenuse Square = base square + perpendicular Square

It is very much important for the people to be clear about all these kinds of properties and some of the basic properties of the right-angled triangle are explained as:


  1. The right triangle will be exactly equal to 90°
  2. Angles other than right angle must be acute angles which means that they will be less than 90°
  3. The side opposite to the vertex of 90° will be known as the hypotenuse of the right triangle and this will also be the longest side of the triangle
  4. The other two sides will be adjacent to the right angle and will be known as base as well as perpendicular
  5. The circumflex circle of the right triangle will pass through all these three kinds of vertices and the radius of the circle will be equal to half of the length of the hypotenuse in the cases of the right-angled triangle.
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It is also very much important for the kids to be clear about the area formula associated with this particular triangle which will be half into base into height and height is also known as perpendicular so that kids never get confused at any point in time. Being clear about all these kinds of basic terminologies and formulas is very much vital for the kids so that they can solve the questions very accurately and never get into any kind of trouble at the time of solving the questions.


Apart from this depending upon Cuemath and other related platforms in the whole industry is very much important so that expertise element can be easily achieved and kids are also having a good command over other types of angles like acute angle, obtuse angle, linear pair of angles and several other kinds of related aspects very easily and efficiently.

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