iTop VPN is easily the best VPN when you consider the many resources and overall usability. Using it answers many questions about this VPN service, and you understand why it is a contender for being the best.


If you want to know how great a utility is, you have to weigh its pros against its cons. The former should be more than the latter for you even to consider. We present you the pros and cons of iTop VPN to show you what it is all about.


We start with the perks that you will enjoy from this tool. There are many, as highlighted below.

  • It Is a Free Tool
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free VPN service is a perfect starting point for novice users, as it orients them to the product. iTop has a free version that you can use for trial purposes and general orientation. The fact that you do not have to pay to secure your browsing session is encouraging to many people.

  • Reasonable Premium Plans

Once you learn about what this VPN offers, you go premium. iTop has two premium packages to choose from, and the prices are very friendly, representing a smooth transition from the free plan. You can time the discounts to get a better deal from your subscription.

  • Highly Functional
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The other perk to enjoy from this VPN is its functionality. It is very convenient and gives you the best value. The excellent degree of usability comes from its resources, such as the killswitch. This feature comes in handy when connected and your device goes off due to a power hitch or a similar occurrence. In such a scenario, you won’t have any data leaks that compromise your browsing privacy.

  • Access to Any Content

You can access any content on the internet supported by its many servers located worldwide. You won’t have to deal with geo-restrictions with this VPN for Windows service.

  • Multiple Device Support
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iTop VPN is a versatile toolkit that is compatible with several operating systems. You can use it on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating platforms. When you go premium, you can cover multiple devices at once.

  • Effective Customer Support

Problems with toolkits are common, and here is where the customer support team comes through. iTop VPN has an efficient customer support team, which you can access via chat or email. Additionally, iTop has a solid social media presence. If you have a query, you can reach iTop’s support team through its respective social media handles.


iTop does not have many disadvantages. A significant downside that you may notice is that the free version has limited resources at your disposal. You should use this version for a short time and upgrade immediately if you want to enjoy this toolkit’s services.

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Final Say

iTop VPN is a reliable service, evident from the many perks it has. Its pros outweigh its cons by a considerable margin, hinting how good its services are. Get this best free VPN for Windows and take advantage of the goodies it has.


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