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Unique Ways To Use Technology In Classroom

 Everything is about technology today. Every sector and every industry has been hugely influenced by it. Technology has made online education possible.


Technology has contributed majorly to the education sector. Gamification of learning, use of mobile teacher apps for teaching, integration of LMS, are born out of technology. Finding innovative methods to incorporate technology into the classroom can make your job as a teacher easier while also increasing student passion and participation in sessions.


Many instructors have challenges while employing technology in the classroom, despite the fact that many technology-based teaching approaches and resources efficiently engage students and enhance their skills. Therefore, here are some simple ways in which you can use technology in the classroom:

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1.  Gamification


Learning can and should be enjoyable, and incorporating technology into your classroom to provide gamified learning can help you achieve what you aim for. Students love games and when games are used as a means to teach something, they learn fast and better.


2.  Make Presentations Interesting


Students may be disengaged by completely text-based slideshow presentations, while those that include multimedia features can effectively hold their attention by altering material delivery. When possible, include graphs, images, sound effects, short videos, etc., in your presentation.


You can take the help of online tools for this purpose and make your classroom engaging.

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3.  Online Class Calendar


Create and distribute a class calendar that details lessons and highlights crucial dates to keep students aware of the topic they’ll be covering. You can use a programme like Google Calendar to provide your kids or their parents with a link to your calendar. This not only keeps them informed, but it also keeps you organised; you’ll soon notice if you’ve set too many deadlines in a short amount of time. You’ll also help students come prepared for each lesson by keeping them informed.


4.  Open-Ended Projects


Give students a choice of options to choose from when it’s time to start a new project. You may appeal to their different learning styles in this manner, and they will be able to effectively display their knowledge. You can give them interesting projects like content creation, original artwork creation, etc.

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Students can finish these projects with readily available software, which you may choose to provide on classroom devices. This allows you to devote in-class time to project work while still providing students with some control over how they use technology in the classroom.


5.  Take Online Feedback


You can do surveys using google forms or send them hyperlinks to other documents to collect insights and feedback from them. They can either use their personal devices or school devices to complete the survey. The data can be easily stored for future references and hence, will give you great insights into your progress.

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This is also one way of using technology in the classroom.


Technology when used in the right way can help you make the learning experience better for the students. It optimizes learning and makes the process easier for both the teachers and the students.


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