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Top 10 Water Heater Maintenance Tips for You

One of the fastest ways to cook, clean, and bathe is using the best water heater. One of the top ways to maintain a water heater is by first servicing it now and then for it to last long. Here are the top ten practices with which one can keep a water heater running for an extended period.

Insulate Your Water Heater

An insulation blanket helps water heaters to be more energy-efficient. If a water heater’s location is in a basement or garage, one must install a heavy blanket. Using insulation in your walls and roof can help one save money when it comes to heating costs. Before insulation, one should ensure that their tank is not leaking.

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Set It for A Safe Temperature

The safest temperature for a water heater is 120 degrees. According to the experts, anything above 120 degrees risks bacteria developing inside the water heater. If the temperature set is too high, one must call a plumber to check the temperature using a special thermometer.

A water heater’s life expectancy is anywhere from 8 to 12 years; anything above those having issues should be replaced. Setting the temperature above the recommended degrees can reduce the expectancy of the water heater.

Clear The Area Around the Water Heater

To increase the life expectancy of a water heater, one is required to leave a certain amount of airflow for proper combustion and ventilation.

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If not regularly cleared, the water heater can corrode more quickly than expected. The water-sediment can also clog the pressure relief valve, thus leading to the water heater exploding.

Check for Leaks

One can observe water dripping using their eyes and ears. Once you notice the tank leaking, you can turn the gas off via a switch until you have the tank replaced. Leaks usually occur from the top of the water heater. Loose valves cause corrosion.

A leaking water heater could be a sign of a significant problem. One of the worst scenarios that can happen during leaks is an explosion. Once you notice your water heater is leaking, you should call a plumber right away.

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Flush The Tank

It is recommended to at least flash your water heater once a year. To flash your water heating system, you’re required to turn on the cold-water spigot leading into your hot water tank and let it run for a few minutes until you have little or no sediment in the water.

If not regularly flashed, the water heater can corrode more quickly.

Install A Pan

To install a pan in a water heater, one must lift the heater and place the pan under it. The pan prevents heat loss from the bottom of an electric water heater. It also increases energy efficiency. A pan is usually installed for electric tanks in unheated spaces.

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Check The Anode Rod

According to the experts, the anode should be checked every three years to see if magnesium’s outer layer has eroded. If it has deteriorated, then it needs to be replaced. Ignoring the anode rod is one of the ways that can lead to the contamination of the water.

Keep An Eye On The Plug

To be able to prevent any electrical faults, one should replace old plugs. The plugs one should install should be of high quality. To be able to notice a change, the plugs usually have burn marks that one can easily trace.

Replace The Plastic Inlet with A Metal One

Metal is considered to be more durable than plastic. Plastic can easily burst when pressurized with high amounts of water. One should also regularly check the joints; traces of white deposits indicate that the pipe should be replaced.

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Get An Annual Maintenance Done

If one has no experience in maintaining a water heater, they should look for an expert to do the job for them. Trying by guessing to do repairs can cause more damage. Doing annual maintenance can also increase the life expectancy of the water heater.

Water is essential for human beings. Contaminated water can lead to water-borne diseases. To prevent such cases in your home, you should practice all of the water heater maintenance tips mentioned above. This way, you can also save costs.

Author name- Hannah Gilbert


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