The Truth About Weighted Blankets: Do They Really Make You Hot?

What is a weighted blanket?


A weighted blanket weighs anywhere from two to fourteen kilograms. It is usually filled with glass or steel beads and made of several layers of fabric. These blankets are designed to put gentle pressure on the body, or “deep pressure stimulation.” This type of stimulation helps to calm the nervous system and switch it into a relaxed state. These blankets are also ideal for promoting restful sleep. If you want a comfortable, restful sleep, try one today.


Types of weighted blankets


Weighted blankets are made of different materials, including cotton and polyfoil. Although the latter is the most breathable material, cotton-based weighted blankets still retain the majority of their shape and appearance. Some models feature polyester or bamboo interior layers, but cotton is by far the most common type of fill. Both materials are equally effective, providing the same level of comfort and support. However, the underlying fabric should be sturdy and washable.

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Now, what exactly is the science behind weighted blankets? The answer to this is that weighted blankets apply very light pressure on the body which provides a hug-like feeling and results in the release of happy hormones from the body.


The material used to fill a weighted blanket can vary greatly. Some are made of synthetic materials, while others are made of natural materials, such as stones and glass. The most expensive of these blankets usually contain synthetic fibers, which can trap heat. Those with allergies should avoid the use of blankets made of these materials, as they may aggravate their symptoms.

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The benefits of using a weighted blanket


Many people benefit from using them.


  1. They can increase sleep quality and reduce stress.
  2. Another major weighted blanket benefit for adults is the relief of anxiety and depression.
  3. This type of blanket releases neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain, which help people relax and feel better. These hormones are responsible for elevating mood and increasing happiness.
  4. They can reduce restlessness and tension. In addition, they can help people who are suffering from a variety of disorders, such as bipolar disorder.
  5. According to studies, this comfort measure helps lower the heart rate, which can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  6. Other people find it beneficial for children with autism, who have difficulty sleeping. The benefits of using a weighted swaddling blanket are immense.
  7. The weighted blankets trigger a natural process called Deep Touch Pressure, which helps your body to produce serotonin and suppress cortisol. This means a higher quality of sleep.
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Instead of weighted blankets you can use duvets or comforters as they both are of the same use as a weighted blanket but a comforter is the most popular one. Comforters provide warmth and comfort to the body but for that you need one of the proper dimensions. You can check the standard comforter size chart for proper dimensions.


The risks associated with using a weighted blanket


There are some risks associated with using a weighted sleeping blanket. The study was conducted in a hospital-like environment, and the participants were not allowed to sleep with the weight covering their faces. However, this does not mean that you should not use a weighted blanket. They are safe for use at home and are an effective tool for relieving stress. There is a risk of falling, but this risk is minimal and the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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There are several risks associated with using a weighted sleeping blanket. These include: improper use, exposure to allergens, and skin contact. Additionally, weighted blankets can get dirty over time. In order to minimize these risks, cover your weighted sleeping blanket with a duvet cover. You can also consider using a duvet-cover instead of a regular weighted blanket. You should use a duvet cover to protect yourself from dust mites.


Reason to choose the right weighted blanket for you


  • A weighted blanket is a heavy, insulated cover that is heavier than a regular blanket. It places pressure on your body while you sleep. Weighted blankets can weigh three to 20 pounds and can be made from heavier materials or with pellets. Depending on the size, they may range from three to twenty pounds, making it feel like you are sleeping with a lead apron.
  • While choosing a weighted blanket, keep in mind your size and your preferences. If you’re a woman, look for one that fits your waist, hips, and thighs. A weighted blanket should cover your entire body, from your chin to your toes. If you’re a man, choose a weighted blanket with a higher weight.
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How to use a weighted blanket safely?


There are many health risks associated with using a weighted blanket. These include stress, physical impairments, and sensory issues. These are just a few of the reasons why you should never use a weighted blanket. In addition, don’t use a weighted blanket on infants under the age of two, as it can cause suffocation. It’s also best to avoid a weighted blanket for adults with mobility problems, as this could restrict blood flow.


Before purchasing a weighted blanket, you should check the manufacturer’s safety records. Some manufacturers make claims that are unsubstantiated, so it’s important to do your research. A weighted blanket that is a safe option is one that has at least 7 layers of premium material.

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Weighted blankets and sleep problems


Some studies have even found a link between the weighted blanket and the calming effect of anxiety. The calming effect is believed to be caused by the fact that it causes a reduction in sympathetic nervous system arousal. Although most studies of weighted blankets are anecdotal, scientific research is starting to show that they may have therapeutic benefits. A recent study showed that using weighted blankets could improve sleep quality for people with mental health issues.

One study found a positive relationship between weighted blankets and depression and insomnia in older people. However, weighted blankets are safe for healthy adults and teenagers, and they should not be used on toddlers under the age of two.

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A weighted blanket is a great solution for insomnia sufferers who find it hard to get to sleep, and they’re often quite expensive. They also can be a bit tricky to bring along when you’re traveling, and they can be a little warm. But if you can get over the heat, there are some surprising reasons why weighted blankets are so beneficial. Weighted blankets look like cozy throws.


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