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The most promising young cricket stars: who are they?

Since ancient times, cricket has been one of the aristocratic sports, which only representatives of high society allowed themselves to play. Cricket, as a separate type of sports team game, first appeared in England, but over time, interest in it began to appear in other countries. India was no exception, therefore today it is considered one of the states where cricket is developing at a professional level.

From a childhood in Indian families, parents instill in their children a love of sports. For some, all this happens at the level of street games, but many send talented guys to sections where they teach professional cricket. Children who are disposed to this sport are assigned to local teams, gaining experience to get into professional sports in the future. Cricket, like other sports, requires excellent physical fitness, strategic thinking, and the ability to play in a team. Those who understand and use this become cricket stars, gain popularity locally and internationally, receive high pay for their work, and make their names in the history of the sport.

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How to play Indian cricket?

Indian cricket, as one of the modern popular sports, offers bets from well-known bookmakers. You can find out about the types of bets, their main conditions, and possible payouts here: Each visitor can choose which bets to make and for which league. Like any other sport, Indian cricket has a seasonality of games.

The Indian cricket team is made up of the best players in the state. But besides them, young stars who are just starting their careers in cricket appear at the championships. These are the players from the teams:

  • Mumbai Indians;
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore;
  • Deccan Chargers;
  • Chennai Super Kings;
  • Delhi Daredevils;
  • Kings XI Punjab;
  • Kolkata Knight Raiders;
  • Rajasthan Royals.
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Popular young cricketers

The youth in these teams is the mainstream of speed and strength, therefore, in addition to experienced players, coaches try to attract newcomers as well. Cricket experts predict stunning careers for 5 young Indian cricketers such as Prithvi Shaw, Shubman Gill, Mayank Markande, Shivam Mavi, and Avesh Khan.

Prithvi Shaw has been a huge success in cricket since the age of 14. Even at the school competition, the guy made more runs than the local coaches liked. Now at 22 years old, Shaw is an IPL player and leads his team to victory with dignity.

Shubman Gill is now a 22-year-old player who conquered the world of Indian cricket at the age of 18. The boy from Punjab scored 372 points in five innings, attracted the attention of local media and experts, and became the star of the under-19 cricket championship. Now he is a player of the highest category, who still has many years of development and victories ahead of him.

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Mayank Markande caught the attention of a Mumbai-based company that bought him for his outstanding performance at the Syed Ali Mushtaq Trophy. Now the player is one of Mumbai’s highest-paid athletes.

Shivam Mavi became one of the stars in the under-19 championship. The player demonstrates a high level of professionalism in bowling, which is what modern coaches like.

Avesh Khan is the senior player of this star five. He currently plays for Delhi, showing excellent results and bringing the team victories.

The names of the best and most promising cricketers in India are constantly changing as new athletes with higher quality professional abilities emerge. Every year, at local matches and in test games, teams look after youngsters who will enter the skeleton of the players and be able to bring victories to themselves and the teams.

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