The Biggest Jackpot In The History Of Online Casinos

We’ve all dreamed about becoming instant millionaires one day. Who hasn’t? The history of casinos is full of such stories, and online casinos took a sheer look even further. If you daydream about figuring among the top online casino winners of all time, this article will fuel your fantasies. Follow our guest specialist, Kristoffer Haagensen, for other legendary wins in the online casino world.

A Pot of Gold

You won’t be reading about rainbows in this article, but the jackpots listed here sure look like a mythical pot of gold. However, notice that the chances of hitting a millionaire jackpot are comparable with being struck by a bolt of lightning, literally.

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While the chances of hitting the jackpot stand at 1 in 262,144, lightning isn’t far off: one in 222,000.

The odds of hitting the jackpot are pretty slim but you need not let that discourage you. Norwegian players can enjoy the best slots by googling beste casinospill, provided they’ve adjusted their expectations.

It’s always entertaining to read about the biggest online casino winners in history, so here they are. Check their stories below.

#1 – Holding No Quarter – USD 24 Million

It took only 25c from this unnamed but not unlucky Finnish gambler to bring home a sum that looks like a phone number: EUR 17,861,800,00. The generous game is aptly named Mega Fortune, while the casino was chosen from a list of 50 platforms. It’s still the biggest jackpot in online casino history.

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#2 – Arabian Nights With Northern Lights – USD 17.3 Million

A Norwegian player became an overnight Alibaba while taking his chances at Arabian Nights was the game of choice, and the sesame indeed opened to him. With 75c, the incredibly lucky Norseman has changed his life for good.

#3 – The 10 Minutes War – USD 17.2 Million

The British soldier Jonathan Heywood was distracted watching TV and almost didn’t see luck coming. After making a 30 bucks deposit, he sat comfortably in his chair and took a few spins while relaxing. In 10 minutes, the man won the third-highest jackpot ever won in an online casino. Heywood bought a Bentley right after, then took his family on a cruise.

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#4 – Why Sleep? – USD 13.3 Million

They say that the early bird gets the worm, but night owls sometimes get great stuff, too. This Norwegian student, for instance, couldn’t sleep at night and started spinning at in an attempt to shake hands with the Sandman. Probably, the jackpot didn’t help much with that. However, this student will hardly have a sleepless night again.

#5 – More Bang for the Buck – USD 8.82 Million

One dollar can go a long way. A woman identified as DP signed into the Zodiac Casino and might have felt that stars smiled at her. With a meagre quid on her tablet, DP walked out a millionaire.

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#6 – A Jackpot Against Cancer – USD 8 Million

This Scottish gambler, named Neil, loves Liverpool as much as he loves helping those in need. So, when he won such a fat prize, he knew what to do: buy tickets for the entire season and help the Macmillan Cancer Research. The life-changing sum came after Neil risked a fiver.

#7 – A Very Happy Kiwi – USD 7.2 Million

Rawiri Pou, a New Zealander gambler, chose Casino Land out of a list of the 50 best casinos in the country. There, he played Mega Moolah for a while, walking out with NZ $10,144,395.8, or approximately USD 7.2 million. When he was asked about his plans for the money, he simply answered that he would spend it on his family.

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The Last Spin

As impressive as those stories might sound, one shouldn’t get “too inspired by them. Most of the time, there’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Besides, the chance of getting toasted by lightning is always looming around. Gamble responsibly and enjoy!


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