Snir Hananya – The Marketing Guru Tells Signs of the Right Design Firm

When you are in the process of a hiring a website design company, the biggest fear you have to deal with is of picking the wrong people. There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet that provide you with website design services. In fact, you can now use the services of freelancers as well. However, Snir  Hananya says that saving money to get the services of a freelancer can bite you back when your website does not perform the way you had expected it to.

Dull, boring, outdated, and annoying website designs can make your customers never buy from you. They like to be associated with a brand they can be proud of. If you don’t give them that desired sense of pride, you will slide off their list of favorite brands pretty fast. Here is how you can tell you are signing up with the right website design firm, according to Snir Hananya.

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They Know the Complete Process

If you give the task of designing a website to your website designing firm and they start on it straight away, you might have come to the wrong place. The right designers know they need some important details from you before they can start working on your website. The first thing they need from you is your preferences in terms of the website design. Secondly, they know the entire process of designing the website from you, starting from the wireframe to the last delivered and complete website.

They first show you the website design through a wireframe. If not that, they might use a modern tool, such as Figma Board, to show you what the website pages will look like. The right people will have the right tools – always!

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They Ask You Questions

It can be annoying for you when you want a website ready for your business, and your website designers are asking you all sorts of questions. In reality, that’s exactly what they should be doing. You should not sign up with a company that does not ask you the right questions. Let’s say you tell someone you want them to build and design your house. Would you want them to ask you questions about the materials, design elements, and color contrasts? If yes, then you should treat your website in the same manner.Snir Hananya says that the right designers only start when they have all their questions answered.

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This saves them time on revisions. Right from the first attempt, they can create something that you are okay with. You can go on from there and help them create the perfect design for your website. However, you have to have a starting point and asking questions is just that. In a nutshell, don’t react negatively when your website designers ask you questions about your website. The more you tell them the better your website will look.

They Are Ready to Revise

It does not matter how great you are at explaining things or how experienced the website design firm is. There is no way for them to come up with a perfect design at first attempt that needs no editing or revisions. The first design you receive from the team will always need some changes and polishing. When you give them your feedback, they listen to it, implement it, and then give you the revised version of the design to help you understand the new changes. If they are annoyed with revisions, they are not meant to design websites.

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Final Thoughts

A website designing project should not be taken lightly. Your digital presence relies heavily on the way your website looks because it defines you, and as a result, it defines the customers that are associated with your brand. With these great tips from Snir  Hananya, you should be able to tell that you are signing up with the right website design firm.


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