Candidates who have finished their higher education from abroad have been positioned in high-ranking jobs in multinational companies. If you too want to fly high in life, then the first thing you need to do is to finish your studies from the graduate school of the US. To get a chance in a graduate school in the USA, you need to crack the graduate record examination with high scores. Students can attempt this test online and offline mediums. You can attempt the offline test for GRE thrice a year. The scores you notch in GRE will be applicable for five years. The aim of the GRE is to assess a candidate’s skills in writing and reasoning. Get to know about the GRE exam pattern from the renowned institute.

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Highlights On GRE

GRE is conducted by the education testing services. Students who want to pursue their studies in foreign countries should take the GRE. Also, students who want to finish their Master’s degree in the US can take this exam. You should keep in mind that not all universities or colleges accept GRE. Therefore, you need to select your university wisely before applying for the exam. In GRE, students can attempt the exam any number of times. There is no specific number of attempts in GRE. The only thing you have to keep in mind is there has to be a 21 day gap between any two consecutive trials and you will be allowed to attempt this test five times in a year. If you have the will to attempt the GRE, then you can attempt this test at any age. No upper or lower limit age is required for the GRE test. When you go to the preferred centre to book your exam date, you will have to carry your passport as an ID proof and make sure to apply in the “tatkal” category for the passport.

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Pattern Of GRE

GRE is categorized into two sections such as verbal and quantitative sections. The content of the test is to evaluate a candidate’s logical reasoning of the two sections within a given period of time. As the candidates have to finish the test within a given time frame, this test appears to be focus-oriented and challenging for the candidates. No fixed syllabus is there in GRE. Students are given an outline which comprises five sections along with one unscored test following the content and patterns which can be deciphered easily.

In verbal, a candidate’s cognitive abilities are assessed by the test takers in GRE. You need to understand and analyze every part of the paragraph, passage and sentence. Through constant efforts, you must have the potential to decode language at a good pace. You should summarize the information mentally before answering a question. Also, make sure to assess the relationships between words. In the quantitative reasoning test, algebra-based questions, geometry-based questions and data analysis based questions are examined by the examiners.

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Get to know about the gre exam pattern in detail from the skilled trainers and mentors of the acclaimed institute.


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