Image Skin Care – An Honest Review of Image Skin Care Products

Image Skincare is a clinical skincare brand that works effectively in combination to improve skin conditions. The products are physician formulated and tried, true, and tested by a team of professionals.

What is Image Skin Care?

Image Skin Care is a clinical brand that is said to have been founded by an esthetician. The skincare products are also claimed to be formulated by physicians. This means the products may be backed by science.

Who Owns Image Skin Care?

Janna Ronert, an esthetician, founded this brand in 2003. She is the founder and chairwoman of the Image Skin Care Board. Some of the key products behind this brand include:

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Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer – This is a nourishing emollient crème that is claimed to boost the skin’s hydration levels shielding it from dehydration due to moisture loss.

Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion – This lotion attacks bacteria responsible for causing acne breakouts by treating blackheads and unclogging pores. It also helps to brighten skin redness and scars.

Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser – This is a foaming cleanser that claims to rid the skin of impurities through its surfactant ingredients.

How to Use Image Skin Care

There are several skincare products under this collection including moisturizers, cleansers, serums, lip care, eye care, and sun protection among others. To use Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer, apply generously to all the target points and massage until absorbed. For maximum effects, use in the morning and before bed.

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When using the Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion, ensure to apply on cleansed skin every morning and evening. It can be used as a spot treatment. If irritation is experienced, reduce application to once a day, the same instruction goes with image skincare for oily skin.

As for the Ormedic Balancing Facial Scrubber, massage a small portion of the cleanser cream into wet skin gently for at most 2 minutes, then rinse with plain clean water. Do this every morning and evening.

What Active Ingredients Are in Image Skin Care Products?

The active ingredients present in the key products include;

Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate – This is a form of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) found in Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer. According to the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, ascorbic acid is supposedly an effective antioxidant that might help shield the skin from photoaging. It also improves hyperpigmentation.

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Benzoyl peroxide – This ingredient is present in the Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion. According to the Journal of Dermatology, this ingredient is recommended as a standard treatment for acne vulgaris. It is effective for both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne vulgaris which usually affects the face, chest, and back.

Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate – This is the active ingredient found in Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser. According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, this ingredient is a surfactant agent. A surfactant usually contains a hydrophilic end (attracted to water) and a lipophilic end (attracted to oil). This feature enables it to attract and dispose of impurities, oils, and dirt.

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Is Image Skin Care any Good?

The key skincare products under this collection may work going by their active ingredients. They also have many positive reviews from users who claimed that it worked for them. Other skincare products may also work considering they are formulated by dermatologists who have a profound understanding of the skin.

Final Word on Image Skin Care Products

Image Skin Care products offer a wide variety of skin products that are said to be organic and free from synthetic ingredients as well as possible allergens. Moreover, these products are claimed to be formulated by dermatologists who know what the skin needs.

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Reviews from customers also show that these products work as they should. After using image skincare collagen supporting wrinkle creams, moisturizers, serums, or lotions, they may leave your skin feeling smooth, cleansed, hydrated, and radiant than before. These are all qualities you need in your skincare products.

However, not every skin is the same. While these products may have worked for other customers, it may fail to work in your favor. And if you have sensitive skin, you may experience an allergic breakout which is nothing short of a nightmare. So before you try anything on your sensitive skin, be sure to check with your doctor. Only use when the doctor gives you a go-ahead.

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