How to write an essay related to economics 36624 - How to write an essay related to economics?

How to write an essay related to economics?

An economics essay can be both an integral part of the state final certification of a graduate in social studies, and one of the tasks for the entrance tests to the university. In my college years, I preferred to contact coursework writing service online. In any case, examiners will evaluate the ability to competently submit a topic, logic, and creativity of thinking. And this can be learned.



How to write an essay?


To begin with, let’s define that an essay, translated from the French meaning “sketch”, “attempt”, is a free-form reflection in which the author expresses his point of view and impressions regarding a specific issue. Such an essay is devoted to one topic. Use simple literary language. Unlike “dry” abstracts, the nature of the narrative in the “outline” may be more emotional.

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The speaker must:


  • express an opinion on the issue;
  • possess the terminology and use concepts under the content of the problem under consideration;
  • critically evaluate various conclusions concerning public objects, processes;
  • to reveal the essence of the problem;
  • analyze, generalize and explain social phenomena;
  • define and explain your attitude to problematic judgments;
  • provide coherent and convincing arguments in favor of their position;
  • critically evaluate the proposed problematic statements.



Choosing a topic


If we are talking about the Unified State Exam in social studies, then out of the five quotations offered to choose from for a mini-essay, one will most likely be devoted to the topic of economics.

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You define a range of terms, processes, and laws from the course of a school subject, recall qualitative arguments for the chosen expression.



If we are talking about the written work of an applicant, student, or applicant for an economic plan vacancy, then in addition to a reasoned individual position, a pen test of this nature also assumes the presence of:


  • a clear definition of the concept or term present in the topic, concerning a literary source;
  • a brief analysis of the current state of the event stated in the topic;
  • abstract reflection of different points of view on the essence of these phenomena;
  • the author’s opinions on the solution of the identified problems;
  • bibliographic list.
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A peculiar condition of the task when writing a mini-essay is a clear definition and designation of the main idea or problem, to which you need to periodically return throughout the writing process.



This will help to reveal the content correctly and not get carried away with general reasoning.

So with the choice of a name for a mini-essay and disciplines – financial management, securities market, statistics, econometrics, audit – you will not have problems during your student days. As for finding a job, be prepared to explain your thoughts in the essay “Why I am suitable for this vacancy”.




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The outline of the essay is simple:


A short introduction of several sentences explains the relevance of the topic.



Thesis 1 presents the main idea related to the topic.

Arguments confirming the main idea. It is better to give two arguments in favor of your statement: one will not be enough, a larger number will overload the text.



Thesis 2. The total number of thoughts of the writer depends on the topic and the logic of thinking.



The conclusion contains conclusions on the topic and questions asked in the introduction, a bright thought summarizing the reasoning.


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The text of the finished presentation consists of paragraphs. Every paragraph logically follows the previous one.



There are two types of essays: written on behalf of the author expressing his opinion, or listing the opinions of authoritative persons in the field and showing the author’s attitude to these opinions. The economics essay belongs to the second type. Indicate in it the points of view of other researchers on the problem under consideration, give a link to different interpretations of the problem and different ways to solve it.



The number of arguments given is not limited, 3-5 can be considered optimal for the disclosure of the topic.

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The essay is characterized by a concise form of presentation and should not exceed seven printed pages. As a rule, the volume of completed student papers is up to 600 words or two or three pages.



Useful phrases 


Some templates will help you logically construct and write a good text:


The meaning of this statement is that…

The author draws our attention to certain facts…

The author’s thought refers to the fact that…

Scientific thesis, it is possible to only partially agree with that.

I fully agree with the opinion…

I beg to disagree with the scientist in terms of…

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My opinion is not the opinion of the author…

Consider the different aspects of discourse…

The content of the quote can be traced to two things…

This observation has many aspects…

The controversial nature of the sayings suggests the idea…

Consider this thought from the point of view of economic theory…

The voiced thesis has a theoretical justification…





To be in the context of the task, you need to correspond to the basic knowledge of science and skillfully use concepts, terms, generalizations that relate to the chosen topic. Economic terminology in the modern world is widely used in the media, everyday life, modern literature, among economists and non-specialists. To demonstrate your professionalism, demonstrate erudition and the ability to navigate scientific terminology in your written work. In your work, point out the ambiguity of the concepts and terms used and justify the meanings in which you apply them.

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The requirements for the design of written works in universities are determined by local documents.

Even such a creative work as an essay should be printed in a common Times New Roman font of the 14th size with a one-and-a-half interval between the lines and margins of 20 mm at the top and bottom, 30 mm and 10 mm on the left and right, respectively. End-to-end page numbering begins with the title page, but the page number is not put on it. The title page is drawn up according to uniform samples for written works.



The list of references and appendices, if used, is located at the end of the work.

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Essay evaluation criteria


The experts evaluate the mini-essay according to generally accepted transparent criteria:


  • the degree of comprehension of the theoretical material;
  • competent analysis of the problem;
  • the logical connection between the theses.



Clearly and fully consider the concepts and examples relevant to the topic, give brief information about the author of the statement, if the presentation is of this type.



Correctly apply a variety of analysis techniques: comparisons, generalizations, alternative points of view, and personal attitude to the problem.



Stick to a single clear concise journalistic style and strive for uniqueness – find a detail that has not yet been marked by anyone in the question. If there is not enough time, but you still want to show off your erudition, best essay writing service reviews will help. Their specialists are always on time.

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