How Heavy Should My Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover Be?

Buyers of the weighted blanket are always curious to know how heavy the blanket is. This is because many blankets are heavy. Also, sleepers always ask for reasons they need to get the weighted blanket duvet cover.

In this article, you shall find out how heavy your weighted blanket should be. Your body weight matters when buying one. Also, we shall discuss reasons you need the weighted blanket duvet cover.

How Heavy Should my Weighted Blanket Be?

If you use weighted blanket, you would observe that most of these blankets are heavy. However, you would also observe that the weight is soothing and gives a calm feel. This helps people to beat insomnia, depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorder.

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“How heavy should my weighted blanket be?” would be a question answered shortly. First, it is the belief that the weight of your weighted blanket shouldn’t be below 7% to 12% of your body weight.

The answer to this question: how heavy should my weighted blanket be? May be different. This is because our body weights are different. So, it is a matter of your preference.

There is the need to use a calculator when buying a weighted blanket. This will help you calculate accurately the weight you need. Also, there are various weight charts that could be useful.

Ideally, how heavy should my weighted blanket be, should be about 10% of your total body weight.

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What is the Heaviest Weight of the Weighted Blanket I can buy?

This is to put again: How Heavy Should my weighted blanket be? The heaviest weight of the weighted blanket should be about 30 pounds.

The fact is, if it is heavier than that, there are chances that you could be open to danger. You could end up suffocating yourself.

Why Do I Need the Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover?

Every one of us wants to enjoy deep and healthy sleep. Of course, nothing should be a hindrance to having sound sleep.

The weighted blanket duvet cover is for your comfort while asleep. All you need to do first is turn your duvet cover inside out. Afterwards, you place it flat on the bed.

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The weighted blanket duvet cover is available in varying sizes and colors. It also comes in different designs. It is a removable duvet cover for your bed.

If you are using a weighted blanket duvet cover, you can place your weighted blanket under your bedding. Also, some sleepers prefer to place theirs at the top of their bedding.

With your weighted blanket duvet cover, it becomes easier to wash off stains on your bed. This is because it helps protect your weighted blanket.

You need to tie the loops onto your duvet cover so tightly when placing the cover on the weighted blanket.

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Is Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover Durable?

The truth is, the duvet cover helps keep the weighted blanket in good shape. The weighted blanket duvet cover last long. This is because they are made from sustainable materials.


You need to be so concerned about the kind of weighted blanket duvet cover you buy. This is the same way you get concerned with how heavy your weighted blanket should be. Every bed accessory you buy should be for your comfort at all times.



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