A screen recorder, as its name hints is a software that records the onscreen activity of your PC or phone. Such a program comes in handy in several situations, like when you want to know how to record zoom meetings, capture online classes and recording your gameplay.

There are several screen recorders in the market and each wants the recognition of being the best. iTop Screen Recorder is one of them. iTop is a renowned name in the software niche, with products such as a VPN and data recovery software.

Should I opt for this screen recorder? Yes, you should go for it. Hang on as we show you how excellent this screen recorder is.

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How to Use iTop Screen Recorder

The first area you note the greatness of iTop Screen Recorder is in its functionality. iTop is easy to use something you cannot say of other similar products. You do not need to sign up as a new user. Download is free and the utility is light; hence, it does not take much of your device’s storage space.

On using it, you launch it and specify the part of the screen you want captured. You save the recording on a specified destination.

Quality of The Recordings

iTop’s recording are lossless, meaning that the quality of the recording is the same as that of the on-screen activity. For instance, if you were recording an online class, the quality of the recording will be similar to that of the online session. It makes it an excellent tool if you want material for future reference.

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The Online Recorder

The other amazing thing about iTop is its online screen recorder. This version comes in handy if you do not have sufficient storage space on your device.  It is also excellent for short term uses. It shows you how versatile iTop Screen Recorder is.

Compatible Devices

Still, on this utility’s versatility, you appreciate it on the many operating systems it works with.  It is an screen recorder Windows 10. You can use it with the newer and older versions of Windows. There is also a version for Mac operating system.

Free Services

It is hard to find someone who does not love free services. iTop Screen Recorder is available for free. You can use the free version for trial purposes as you weigh its capabilities. If impressed, do not hesitate to go for the pro version which costs $34.99 and covers you for 2-years. It is a 60% discount, which you should not let slide.

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Pro Features

Is it necessary to go pro with iTop VPN? Yes, if you want to enjoy the resources that this tool has to offer. The perks include recording HD videos, customized watermarks and edited recordings.

Final Say

iTop Screen Recorder is an excellent tool to have if you want to capture amazing videos of your on-screen activity. From this piece you can see how great it is and the features it provides. Download this tool and enjoy the services it has to offer. For more resources, go pro.


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