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Growing on Instagram made easy: a complete guide

Are you thinking of starting out on Instagram to grow your brand identity? At the moment, Instagram is the biggest social media platform for promoting your product and company. With the amazing features of videos, photos you can provide your audience with a behind-the-scenes picture while keeping them hooked with all the products you have for them. However, growing an Instagram account from scratch is no child’s play. Unless you have over a few thousand followers, you cannot establish the audience’s trust in your brand. Wealth, the primary thing you should focus on is reaching over a thousand followers. For this, you can check out sites like Famoid, where they sell followers for Instagram. The reason Famoid is suggested by experts is that Famoid provides real active followers who will not only boost the count on your profile they will also engage with your posts. Thus, if you’re looking to grow, click here to get more followers.

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One thing you must be careful of is the fake sites that pretend to sell active followers but actually sell bots. If Instagram discovers ports on your profile, they will remove the parts. Your follower count will decrease. Instagram also has the right to ban your account completely. Therefore, you should check out this post about where to get real followers online. Only go for trustworthy sites when purchasing social media followers.


Buying followers is not the end of the line. There are other ways to grow on Instagram as well. Buying followers is a good idea if you’re starting out from scratch. Suppose you have purchased 6000 followers. However, there is no engagement in your posts. Under such circumstances, Instagram will stop showing your post to a worldwide audience. Therefore, you must ensure that the quality of your post is top-notch. Your post must be such that it compels the audience to share it on their profile. When Instagram sees people engaging and sharing your posts on their profile, Instagram will further boost it widely. Thus, you can get your advertisement done without spending money.

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The next thing you must focus on is the theme of your profile. Instagram is a visually-driven social media platform. If your profile looks haphazard, people are likely to leave your profile and not follow you. Therefore, you should learn how to use social media themes to your advantage to influence the audience that comes across your profile. If you have an amazing description and theme, they will most likely follow you.


Besides the theme and description, you must focus on trending hashtags. Find out what is trending on Instagram and otherr social media right now and go with it. You can try to establish yourself by using your content style, but if you do not use what is trending, your growth will be much slower. Therefore, follow the influencers who talk about Instagram and how to promote your business on Instagram and implement their suggestions.

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You must also focus on posting consistently. If you post once a week, the audience will forget your previous post when your new post comes up. Therefore, to boost the brand identity and stay fresh in your audience’s mind, you must post regularly at a specific time. To understand at which time your audience is most active, you can either check IG insights, or you can see the meta-business suite on Facebook. Both of these will provide you with details of the time when your audience is most active. You can utilize this info and schedule your post to release at that specific time.

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