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Best Ways To Support Your Child’s Mental Health  Anxiety During Summer

Summer can be stressful. Between dealing with the heat and keeping your kids entertained without screens, you may be running around in circles. This anxiety and stress can impact your kids. And if they have any of their own problems, it can make life difficult for everyone. We often forget that we need to help our kids understand their own mental health by giving them the words to understand their emotions and feelings. Anxiety relief medication can help in some situations.

Talking To Your Child About Mental Health & Anxiety

Unfortunately, there’s been a stigma around mental health disorders in the past. Although that is changing, some adults still have problems discussing mental health conditions, even problems like worries, fear and anxiety. When it comes to obsessions, compulsions or impulsivity, it gets even more difficult. One of the best things to do is simply to listen and validate how kids are feeling. Maybe you aren’t sure how to help right away, but you can hear the kids out and let them know they aren’t alone. You can also tell your kids that mental health conditions aren’t their fault. Struggling with ADHD or anxiety isn’t the most important part of who they are. Keep the lines of conversation open. They may have a lot of questions and need time to process the answers before needing more information. This isn’t one big conversation you have, but many little ones. A child anxiety treatment at home can support them through tougher times.

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Strategies To Help Your Child Strengthen Their Mental Health

You may not be able to heal your child of some of their mental health conditions, but you can strengthen their mental health to meet the challenges they’ll face.

  • Give your kids lots of acceptance and love. You don’t need to go all toxic positivity, but make sure your kids get positive messages from you.
  • Praise them when they do well.
  • Help them learn new skills. No, they don’t need to be the best at something. They can do a hobby because they enjoy it.
  • Keep them physically active. Make sure they get to play every day to burn off excess energy. Give them new opportunities to find things they enjoy.
  • Help your kids connect with others. It takes a village to raise a child. Feeling like they’re part of a community is good for their mental well-being.
  • Let your kids set goals but help them make realistic goals. Show your kids how to break down the steps to reach a goal so they don’t get discouraged.
  • Make sleep a priority. Don’t send kids to bed angry. Help your kids understand how sleep impacts their mood.
  • Teach kids how to relax. Demonstrate simple breathing exercises and other ways that can help them regulate their emotions.
  • Seek out professional help when needed. Let your kids know that there is nothing to be ashamed of for talking to a therapist or taking medication to manage their mental health.
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