6 Secret MS Word Features Every User Needs To Know

No other software can compete with Microsoft Word when it comes to word processing. Even though it is used by millions of users worldwide, not every user is well-versed with its capabilities. MS Word is power-packed with many powerful tools to make your work easier and enhance your productivity. Whether you have been using MS Word for many years now or are new to the platform, you might not know all the features that the program allows for its users. Below are 6 secret MS Word features that you need to know.

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MS Word for Mac


Mac users don’t have to fuss whether they can use MS Word for Mac free. There are numerous ways to use MS Word on your Mac for free. A lesser-known fact is that iPad users can easily use a free version of Word on their devices. A lesser-known trick for PC users is that MS Word online is free. You have to have a free Microsoft account for this; however, the online version is not that advanced compared to the desktop version; however, it is good enough for basic writing and modifications. Go to the MS Word Online page, hop on to “Sign up for free,” and create your free account.

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Inspect Your Document


MS Word has enabled collaboration as a powerful feature. The Document Inspector will allow you to inspect your document for any data you don’t want to share with others. To access the Inspect menu, head over to File, go to Info, click on Inspect Document, and check for issues. Here, you can check for any hidden content, and after the inspection, the sensitive data is denoted by an exclamation mark.

Distraction Free


Distractions are nightmares for writers. For writers who want to continue writing peacefully, MS-Word comes with several features that will ensure a distraction-free view of the text to ensure maximum productivity while writing.

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There’s a quick shortcut to hide the Ribbon Menu. You can press Ctrl+F1 to toggle the ribbon from your screen for a distraction-free writing spree. You can even modify the Ribbon menu by clicking on Ribbon Display Options and clicking on Auto-hide Ribbon, and it will be hidden from your view.


MS Word also allows writers to enable DIstraction-Free Reading mode that can be enabled by pressing

Alt followed by W+F simultaneously.

Convert Tables to Graphs


Visual aids can be really helpful while dealing with numbers and text simultaneously. MS Word makes the work easier by converting tables into graphs. You don’t have to juggle between Excel and Word every time you create a table. Select the table in Word and click on the Insert option. Select the Object tool within the Text option and open the Object Dialog box. Now you can choose Microsoft Graph and hit on the OK button.

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You can even format the graph by double-clicking on it. Right-click in the space within the boundary of the graph and click on Chart Type.

Save Items in the Clipboard

Another interesting feature of MS Word is that it allows you to save 24 items in the clipboard. In the Home Menu, click on the drop-down arrow to open the Clipboard panel, or you can press Ctrl+C to open it. The items you hold in the Clipboard will allow you to cut and copy several words and take them anywhere within the document or between running programs.

Translate Languages


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Microsoft Translator helps you to translate to different languages on the go. You can use the Translate feature from the Review menu. MS Word allows you to translate a word or a sentence or even the entire document that you are working on and show it in a separate document. You can enable the Translator from the tab on your right and choose or select the language of your choice. You can use the sidebar to highlight a word and know its meaning too.

Enhance Your Fonts


Suppose you have to submit an assignment with an approaching deadline, and the document is a real mess; Kerning is the best solution for you. You can save effort by increasing the width between the letters and enhancing your document rather than beating around the bush.

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Kerning is a powerful tool that allows you to adjust the spacing between letters and enhance the visual look of your document. Kerning can be helpful while you are working on large fonts and want to beautify your work. To enable it, click the pop-out arrow on the Home tab or press Ctrl+D. Select the checkbox for Kerning for fonts, and you can explore by adjusting the size of your fonts and sticking to what looks better.


Whether you are writing an essay, work project, or something personal, these tips will boost your productivity and help you master MS Word in no time.

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